Evangelist Norman Moore: Church of the Nazarene

Evangelist Norman Moore: Church of the Nazarene


Thank you for visiting the official website of Norman Moore Ministries! Norman Moore is an Evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene and has shared the Gospel throughout the United States via camp meetings, revivals, Sunday church services, social media (YouTube , Twitter, and Facebook), virtual learning, streaming video messages, and classroom settings.


Evangelist Norman Moore: Church of the Nazarene


Win lost people to Jesus Christ,

Assist the believer in sanctified discipleship,

Lead the Church in genuine revival,

Encourage the pastor and spouse in their ministries.


Evangelist Norman Moore: Church of the Nazarene


You are invited to view our  devotionals, “Just a Few More Minutes” and  live-recorded messages.

You will discover a historical collection of HARVEST TIMES, our semi-monthly newsletter.

We are guided by our Board of Directors, and funded by Free-will church offerings, personal contributions, and Foundation Grants.

You are encouraged to browse this information and be updated on our evangelism and revival ministry.

Please review our brochures: Introducing Evangelist Norman Moore, Norman Moore Ministries and The Norman Moore Ministries Endowment.



Norman Moore has been an evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene since 1973.

Norman Moore Ministries was organized in 1979

Harvest Times Newsletter

Harvest Times, Volume 42 Number 5 Sept / Oct 2020

Live-Streaming and Video Messages Continue During June, July and Augustthe Sunday preaching ministry has been given in three forms: 11 video messages, 9 live-in personand 11 live-streamed-on-line. Weare thankful for these doors thatthe Lord has opened during theseweeks of adapting and adjusting. Norman Moore Ministries AssistsSouthern California Pastors “Dr. Norman Moore is a friend to […]

Harvest Times, Volume 42 Number 4 July / August 2020

Since March 15th the COVID-19 Virus pandemic has resulted in Norman’s preaching schedule in local churches andDistrict Retreats and Camp Meetings being cancelled. Adapting to this new reality, Norman has produced and sentevangelism and revival messages to Pastors and District Superintendents for use in their churches. So far, 22 churchesand 3 Districts have been served. […]

Harvest Times, Volume 42 Number 3 May / June 2020

El Centro, CA On March 1st and 2nd Norman returned to El Centro,California. Sunday he preached in the morning servicefor the English congregation and in the afternoon for theSpanish congregation. Then a group drove to Mexicali,Mexico for an evening service at the Mission.“We had a return visit of Evangelist Norman Moore.He was a great blessing […]

Harvest Times, Volume 42 Number 2 March / April 2020

From this Newsletter: ? Open full PDF version – click here Lake Havasu City, Arizona Lake Havasu City, Arizona “Having Dr. Moore lead us in a church revivalwas a blessing. One of our members, Larry, is deeply grieving the losses of his daughter and grandson. God especially used the revival to bring him emotional healing. Larry said, […]

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