Harvest Times, Volume 41 Number 2, March – April 2019

40th Anniversary of Norman Moore Ministries

March 20, 1979 is the IRS incorporation date for Norman Moore Ministries. We are thankful to God for opening doors of ministry opportunity, blessing our efforts and supplying our needs. We sincerely appreciate each Ministry Partner who has provided both prayer and financial support for this evangelism and revival work during these past 40 years!




Colorado Pastors and Spouses
Ministered to at Retreat

“We recently concluded our Pastors’ and Spouses’ Retreat at Golden Bell in January. Dr. Moore “rang-the-bell”! His extremely supportive and positive ministry fed our pastors’ and spouses’ spirits in a much needed way. Our churches love Dr. Moore and his affirming delivery of the gospel in fresh and powerful ways! He has been an incredible shepherd/servant for the pastors and churches on the Colorado District. He has served our pastors and churches large and small and left the financial results to the Lord.”

Rev. David Ralph, District Superintendent
Church of the Nazarene
Thornton, Colorado

Westminster, Colorado
Crossing Church Benefits from Weekend Services

“We had a great time with Norman speaking on January 19-20 at Westminster Crossing Church here in Colorado. His incredibly descriptive storytelling style was very effective with our people, resulting in hope restored, faith expanded and passion ignited to carry out the gospel message to those around us. Norman speaks effectively to that brand new church attender seeking truth, as well as the saint who has been around forever. It was definitely a special weekend with great impact for our church family.”


Rev. Brian Wiesinger, Pastor
Crossings Church of the Nazarene
Westminster, Colorado

“Powerful Renewal Services”
at Kansas City First Church

“Kansas City First Church of the Nazarene had wonderful and powerful renewal
services the last week of January. Dr. Moore was used of God in a tremendous way. Even though we battled another week of winter weather, we had surprisingly strong crowds and many seekers at our altars.”  “Our people really connected on how Dr. Moore’s sermons were inspiring and positive, and yet challenged us to commit to Christ in a stronger way! I would highly recommend Dr. Moore to any size church, large or small!”

Rev. Shawn Siegfreid, Pastor
First Church of the Nazarene
Kansas City, Missouri

Verde Valley Church
“Grows in their Faith and Finds Renewal”

In February Norman returned to the Verde Valley Church in Cottonwood, Arizona for his 5th Revival.

“The recent Revival services were a great time for our people to grow in their faith and find renewal in their walk with God. Several people came to the altar who were dealing with personal issues, asking for God’s help and wisdom. People are still making comments on how they were helped by things that were said in the messages. It was a great way to start the year growing closer to God. We look forward to more opportunities to be with Norman as we grow together in the faith.”

Rev. Albert Hughes
Verde Valley Church of the Nazarene
Cottonwood, Arizona

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Ministry Schedule


3-6 Lake Powell Church of the Nazarene Page, Arizona
10-13 Church of the Nazarene Sun City, Arizona
15-17 Grace Church of the Nazarene Colorado Springs, Colorado
24-27 Church of the Nazarene Troup, Texas


7-10 Connecting Point Church of Nazarene Yuma, Arizona
14a.m. Church of Nazarene Waco, Kentucky
14-17 Blue Grass Zone Holiness Crusade Irvine, Kentucky
27-28 Church of the Nazarene Safford, Arizona

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