Harvest Times, Volume 43 Number 1 Jan / FEB 2021

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Van Provided for El Centro Hispanic Nazarene Church Volunteer

The sponsors of NormanMoore Ministries provided the
funds in December for a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country mini-van for Alex Hernandez. He has served 10 times as Norman’s translator at the Hispanic Nazarene Church in El Centro, California and once at the Mission in Mexicali, Mexico. Alex is a very helpful volunteer for Pastor Sergio Estrada and an articulate and compassionate translator when Norman is the guest Evangelist.

Donated Bibles Are Helpful in Churches and Prison

During 2020 Norman Moore Ministries received Scripture Grants from the Lockman Foundation. A total of 4,334 Bibles were given to 23 Nazarene Churches and to Chaplain Doran Kelvington at the Victorville Federal Correctional Complex. The Chaplain reports:

“I just wanted to pass along a brief report and heart-felt thanks: I received a donation of Spanish and English Bibles via Pastor Diego recently, and have shared the gift with Chaplains at the Prison and Federal Correctional. I’ve also been able to deliver 20 already to inmates who had been asking for a copy of The Word. Each one has been received with genuine gratefulness and joy!”

“I wish I could capture the looks on their faces as they see me coming, Bibles in hand, like children at Christmas their eyes light up and their faces are literally transformed as they realize that the Bible in my hand is for them! These guys are so grateful to have their own copy and to be able to read it and study it at any time. So, on behalf of them, THANK YOU SO MUCH! God bless you for your gift!”

Chaplain Doran Kelvington Victorville, California

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