Harvest Times, Volume 43 Number 2 Mar / Apr 2021


New Spiritual Commitments at Costa Mesa Church

Pastor Phil Eyskens at Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene in Costa Mesa, California invited Norman to preach in their 3:15 afternoon service on February 21st. Norman was accompanied by Antonio McNack to give his testimony. Pastor Eyskens reports:

“Between Norman’s message of “What Do We Do With Our Failures?” along with Antonio’s testimony of loosing everything due to drugs and crime, then getting it all back as a result of new found faith in Jesus Christ; this brought many to the altar seeking God’s Divine help for restoration in their lives!

Since then, Antonio has been invited back to speak on February 28th and March 3rd. The theme of his salvation story is that sin and the world puts you in a box; but when Christ comes in you become just who God meant you to be. You come out of your box and are able to flourish with limitless possibilities!

Dr. Moore has preached at the Lighthouse 53 times and has been an encouragement to me and my congregation. As Pastor of the Lighthouse, I cannot thank him enough for his continued support of reaching out to the marginalized with a message of hope and purpose.”

Rev. Phil Eyskens, Pastor Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene Costa Mesa, California

Produce, Bread and Dairy Products Help Murrieta Hispanic Church

The Faithway Church of the Nazarene in Colton, California has been able to access large quantities of produce, bread and dairy products form Inland Harvest, a benevolent food distribution organization in Riverside. On the Thursdays when Norman is helping with food distribution, an evening meal and devotional in Colton, his truck is fully loaded with a shared quantity for the Gateway Hispanic Nazarene Church in Murrieta. Regarding this mutual blessing Pastor Eliel Morales has commented:

“It’s a privilege to be partnered with Dr. Norman Moore for Gateway Hispanic Church to do food ministry. Thank you for all you do to support our Ministry and our Team of people helping me unload the truck and to put together all the boxes to deliver to those in need.”

Rev. Eliel Morales, Pastor
Gateway Hispanic Nazarene Church Murrieta, California

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